Sam’s Club Endless Aisle enhances members’ in-store shopping experience by giving them easy access to additional items that are only available online through an interactive kiosk.

Role —

I worked alongisde a Senior Art Director to design the entire Endless Aisle experience, including an attraction screen, browsing modes, and a complete checkout flow. I also created a set of mirco animations for the developers to demonstrate certain intereactions.

Year —


Users are drawn to the kiosks via colorful dynamic attract loops that rotate through products that can't be found in-store.

Exploring the Catalog

After entering the experience from the attract screen, the user can swipe through major department categories and see top products from each, or use a jump link to dive directly into a category.

The explore experience is made up of a variety of different tile types. Becuase the users were in-store shoppers and not necessarily tech saavy, it was important for the tiles to be clearly tappable, so I added consistent large arrow buttons. I also used colors to distinguish categories and to bring life to the design.

Major Category Tile

Mini Category Tile

Product Tile

Product Details

Tapping on a product tile opens a product detail modal that contains additional product imagery, a longer description, and color/sizing options if available. From this modal, users can choose to view more details about the item, save it for later, or add it to their cart.

Side Panels

Browsing filters and the cart were both packed neatly into easily-accessible side panels. These panels covered only a portion of the screen so that the user could still see the interface behind it and avoid losing their place.

Checkout UI

The checkout flows were streamlined and relied on basic form fields and buttons presented one step at a time. This made for a simple and clear flow for all users.

Illustrated Moments

I illustrated and animated a card swipe motion that was used when scanning a membership card or credit card. These visuals brought movement and color to the expereince while also indicating the appropriate card oreintation and the location of the scanner.