The Roche PD News app is a comprehensive source of information about initiatives, leadership messages, and other key communications for Roche and Genentech employees.

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As the lead designer on this project, I created two of three themeboards we presented to the client, and established the design language from the client’s initial feedback. I designed key features within the app including the news feed, article pages, explore section, and profile.

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Themeboard Phase

Roche has an established brand, but they were open to seeing alternate style directions for this app. We presented three themeboards on a “mild to wild” spectrum. I designed the first option (closest to the brand guidelines) and the third option (furthest from the brand guidelines) shown below. Based on the client’s feedback, we ended up going in a direction somewhere in between the first and second options: a classic editorial feel with traditional type and hits of Roche Blue.

Bringing the Feed to Life

The feed is the most important section of the app. Roche intended to curate the stories featued at the top of the feed, so we took this as an opportunity to bring the featured story to life and create a dynamic header that changes based on the image from the featured news story.

Completing the System

The newsfeed was the place users would spend most of their time discovering stories, so we focused our energy on making it the most engaging section.

The rest of the app is for reading or utility so we kept the layouts restrained, the interactions straight-forward, and the style beautifully clean.

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